The Little Redis Book

Jan 23, 2012

update, 2017: The book is many years old, but still relevant. Redis has evolved a lot, but most of that has been in the form of internal improvements, new advanced features (like lua scripting) and awesome new data types. The best way to learn Redis is still to start by understanding the fundamentals presented in this book.

PDF version

The epub version is now available

There are also Russian and Italian translations available

It's hard to believe that 10 months ago I wrote and released The Little MongoDB Book. Equally unbelievable has been the reception and feedback I've gotten. For a long time now I've wanted to write a similar book for Redis, but I just never felt like I could tell a good story. Redis is wonderfully simple, which makes it awesome to use, but I thought it would turn any book into little more than reference material. Well, I decided to give it a try and hopefully you'll agree with me that The Little Redis Book is a solid addition to the Little family.

You can download the PDF version here. It comes in at 29-pages. I hope this helps people who are new to Redis. I also hope there's maybe one or two useful things in here for developers already familiar with it.

I wrote it in markdown, the source is available on github.

The book was written in 2 short days. Again, Perry Neal provided some great feedback and edits in a short period of time. Impossible to have pulled this off without him. Of course, given the speed at which this was done, corrections and feedback are welcomed in any format (email, comment, pull requests).