Planning Mogade v2

Apr 28, 2011

Mogade.com is a free platform I wrote to help developers add some common features, like leaderboards, achievements and analytics to their games. It has been a small success. Developers who use it have been enthusiastic and appreciative. For myself, it's been a great experience, and it's something I truly believe in. I've been giving some thought about where I want to take the project and I've decided on a pretty exciting course.

Currently mogade is made up of three components. First there's mogade.com where developers configure and manage their games. Next is api.mogade.com which is the api developers use to interact with the mogade service. Finally there are drivers available for developers to integrate into their game (which gives them a nice and simple API for working with the api layer).

Currently, only the drivers are open source. This is going to change. Mogade v2 is going completely open source. I'm going to start by rewriting the api layer and making the source code available on github and then move onto the other components.

While this approach will let developers host their own leaderboard and achievement services, Mogade.com isn't going anywhere. The purpose of this move is not to stop providing the service, but rather to improve it.

The v1 api/service isn't going anywhere..and isn't going to be shut down once v2 becomes available.

Stay tuned, commits will hopefully start to trickle in within the next couple weeks.