My Movie Idea

08 Sep 2010

A US military team goes on a covert mission and happens upon evidence that implicates that the US is doing something horrible. The team decides that the best course of action is to pretend nothing unusual happened and complete the mission.

The team heads back home, where each member struggles differently with the implication of their discovery. One night, one of the team member's wife finds her husband standing besides the bed, naked, with a gun in his hand. He tells her what they found and kills himself. The wife confronts her husband's commanding officer (part of the team) and insists that the truth must be told.

That night, the wife is killed in a car crash, causing members of the team to suspect foul play and fear for their own lives as well as the lives of their family. The team members become paranoid, start to believe they are being watched/followed and escalate the situation to the point where they are armed and considered dangerous.

Ultimately the team ends up trapped in a building, surrounded by local law enforcement, the military and the media. They decide that their only chance is to go public with what they know, but the military intervenes and cuts all communication. At this point, the military feels that it has no choice but to kill the team. The military acts brashly and launches a doomed covert attempt to kill the trapped team. Some members of the media and the local police get suspicious of the miltary's excessive and unauthorized use of force.

Unwilling to risk another failed assassination, a “negotiator” is sent-in with a simple proposition. The team is told to record a video in which they demand the release of some terrorist prisoners, else they'll start killing hostages (which don't exist). They are given a hood and told that they will have to execute one of their team members in the video to show that they are serious. This will give the military the excuse it needs to launch a full assault, and the team won't fight back (they are given blanks or something). Alternatively, the military will target their family (which have already been rounded up - because, hey, your military husband starts demanding the release of terrorisits, it isn't exactly weird for the military to take you into custody). The team agrees, and the video gets “leaked” to the media. Outraged, the police realize that they are dealing with fanatics and asked the military to intervene. The military sends in a team, the screen terms black and gunfire is heard.

The End.

Some Notes

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