I Love Peanut Butter

11 Dec 2010

There's a memory etched in my mind. I can't say how old it is, maybe 10 years, maybe 20. It takes place in a grocery store, with a mother and child, in the same isle as me. They are likely immigrants, possibly refuges. They don't look healthy. In one hand the mother is holding a bill, maybe $5. Clearly the only money she has with her. In the other maybe 1 or 2 food items. The child, younger than me, is trying to reach for the peanut butter. The mother won't let him (it probably cost more than $5 by itself).

I love peanut butter. I've eaten a lot in my life, both before that moment and after. Despite the modernization (processing) of most brands, it remains a healthy choice. In the face of worldwide malnutrition, peanut butter is down right king - cheap requiring no refrigeration or preparation, delicious, and nutritious.

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