mogade.com: a free platform for casual game developers

Nov 09, 2010

The project is called mogade, its free, and our client libraries are open sourced (we'd obviously love contributions). Its starting to be a crowded space, and there are more feature-rich solutions out there, but we're just getting started and we feel we can add real value. The team all worked together at a leading advergaming shop a few years back, so we know about casual game development and know where the pain points are.

Something of particular interest to my audience is probably our Windows Phone library. Again, it doesn't have all the features we want, but if you are looking to get a game out and rather focus on your game that this extra stuff, I hope you'll take a look. Even if you are just looking for a project to learn WP7 programming you might be interested in contributing.

Of course, one of the nice things about working on projects like this is that you get to learn a lot, and if you blog, you get a bunch of new material to blog about. So hopefully in the coming weeks I'm going to be able to share some neat stuff that I've picked up. (for a sneak peek, I'm anxious to blog about the lightweight stub tcp server I came up with for testing the C# library. its very reusable, you can check it out now if you want.)

So, do check out mogade.com and feedback, as always is welcomed.